My #AltCV

I’ve always been thinking what I really want to spend the rest of my life doing, but unfortunately, I don’t have an answer to that question till now. But I have a plan to answer that question. I decided that I would try as hard as possible to explore as many aspects of life as I can. I want to work in fashion, politics, advertising, or anything that can make me feel better and help me find my passion. What I’ve recently achieved isn’t a lot, but at such an early age, I wouldn’t have expected more of myself. Can’t say that I satisfied with where I am now, but I am ok with it.  Although I am not obsessed with technology as many people are nowadays, I try hard to keep myself updated and literate of what happens around me. I follow the news daily (not just political news, I also keep up with the Kardashians if you know what I mean…). I am a really good shopper and If there was such thing as a degree in shopping I would be the first to apply and I promise I’ll ROCK IT!!! This is my first time to blog and I am actually enjoying it (new experience!) wouldn’t have thought that I would like this… I am also a sanitary freak. I clean up all day, all night! Hygiene is the number one thing that I care about. I am also very private, which many people have a hard time accepting that. I am not the kind of person whose life is an open book for anyone to read. Finally, this is who I am! I myself see me hard to understand…


One thought on “My #AltCV

  1. Love this Nayera. I don’t know if there is a degree in shopping, but in some very high end shops in the US/UK you can hire a “personal shopper” to help you do your shopping more effectively. I don’t know if something like that would catch on in Egypt, though. My Egyptian American cousin used to work in Niemann Marcus, I should ask if that’s what she was doing…

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