First Reflection on #engageMOOC

Honestly, I thought this MOOC thing would be so useless and boring, but in fact, I found it interesting and not futile. I watched two videos: one talking about the Black community, which I preferred, and the other was talking about Antigonish Movements, which I didn’t know anything about. I learned new stuff from both videos, but the second one gave me a lot of new information. What I liked best about the second video is that it made me notice that we are really disregarding the farmers and people who live in rural areas. That is the most interesting thing I thought while watching the videos. For the first video, I really loved when the speaker said, “We are preparing young black boys and girls for a world that does not exist.”  This sentence kept me wondering how it feels to be a black child in a white-dominant community. Another quote that the speaker said that really changed how I think was, “You have to be a lot better than white people.” This quote showed me that people are very biased and to recognize a colored person as a “person”, he or she has to be outstanding. The activity that I joined was a Youtube live discussion. It was so interesting because it was the first time for me to join an educational live discussion and the first time to join Youtube live. Unfortunately, the speaker started late, which I didn’t really like and towards the middle-end of the activity I felt bored but other than that it was a very good and beneficial experience. I loved how they simply discussed polarization. I also really loved how easily anyone joining the video can ask questions as many times as he/she wants. The part that I liked most in the Live Youtube discussion is when they talked about harassment on social media and the policies designed to stop these things. I usually enjoy these kinds of stuff.  All in all, it was a very nice experience and I think I would repeat it again.


PS: The Youtube Live discussion was the one on February 18, 2018, @1:00 PM EST with Chris Gilliard


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