I never thought of microaggression as a term that applies to me. Thankfully, I’ve been raised in a house with such wonderful parents, who were always supportive, my school was good in a way that they always had training for teachers how to prevent microaggression. But when I was asked to blog on microaggression in my life, I found that everyone is subject to microaggression. Being a feminist myself, I recalled all that times that people thought of male figures as the dominant ones. This issue always made me feel so bad, even before learning about human rights and specifically women rights. It always bothered me since I was a kid. I recalled how my teachers directly asked my male colleagues to do hard chores and give us, females, easier and simpler ones. I recalled how my parents gave some more rights to my brothers than me. I recalled how people around me, despite the fact that they are supposed to be so literate and so open-minded, look at me when I am a female who lives alone. All these incidents together with so much more happened to me, but surprisingly, these never negatively affected me. Instead, these events made me stronger and made me stand up for my rights and love the fact that God created us all equal and free. I believe that people are the ones who choose how microaggression can change their lives. They are the ones who choose to get stronger or get weaker. I am not degrading anyone or thinking of someone as overreacting, but anyone can do better if he or she wants to.


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