Second Reflection on #engageMOOC

My second time participating in MOOC was better than the first in some ways. It was easier for me to access the application/website than the first time and (THANK GOD!!!) my internet connection that time… The videos that I watched were quite interesting, honestly! They were so organized and I didn’t get bored from listening to them. The first one was talking about fake news and the other one was talking about the Highlander Center. I actually loved both videos equally. I discussed the former quite a lot of times with different people. I even wrote a paper for one of my courses about how fake news affect our lives daily and how it became so popular nowadays. But the video made me wonder how sometimes people who we trust a lot and think that they are the ones who are going to give us true facts can sometimes manipulate us depending on their own biases like when the speaker gave the example of librarians, who are supposed to be so trustworthy. This made me think how many times I’ve asked people, who I thought I could trust and didn’t double check whether the information they gave me was totally right or was it biased according to their preferences. The second video that I watched, that was about the Highlander Center, was pretty beneficial actually. That was the first time for me to hear about such thing. I really loved it! Both videos made me think of stuff that I, in some way, took for granted. For the activity that I have to take part in, I joined the discussion forum for topic# 1. I read some stuff on there and was really fascinated by some. I really did have fun reading the discussions on there. The best question on the discussion forum, in my opinion, was the one entitled, “what is empathy?”. I always thought of an answer to this question myself, but never thought of what is empathy in this context, therefore, I answered that question I also loved the answers of the people who replied on the question.


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