Reflection on CLT anniversary events

As a freshman, I didn’t know anything about the center for learning and teaching but this semester from Dr. Maha. I knew this center when she introduced herself the first time in class. Although she paid us a visit before in my RHET class, I didn’t really get what this center does. After listening to the two keynotes I got what this center does and thought it was a really important part of the university in order to ensure that students get the best possible quality of education. Generally, the speakers were well chosen by the organizers of the events and the events itself were well organized as some of my friends who attended said.

Although I wasn’t able to attend the keynotes myself due to some family issues, I watched two of them online. The first one was the one held on Monday the 26th of February by Tim Sullivan. I didn’t know who he was before, but I thought he was a really nice man on the personal level and surely a perfect speaker and professor on the professional level. I chose this keynote to listen to because I am majoring in political science and I wanted to listen to one of his speeches. I loved how he showed us that learning in university doesn’t have to be as boring as it sounds and loved how he talked about different techniques of teaching. Another thing that I thought was so interesting, despite the fact that it may seem so simple, is the title of the keynote, “Energizing the Unmotivated”. It really grabbed my attention and made me want to listen to the keynote.
The second that I listened to was the one held on Tuesday 27th of February by George Siemens entitled, “Creating a Model of Higher Education in a Networked and Technologically Infused Society”. I honestly thought that this would be a very boring lecture, but it really wasn’t! The speaker discussed a very important issue that not many people think of. As proposed by the title, this issue is creating a model of the higher education. I liked this keynote too, but not as much as I liked the other one. The other one was very inspiring! I didn’t watch the keynote until the end so I can’t fully judge how this keynote went accurately.



One thought on “Reflection on CLT anniversary events

  1. Nayera, I am glad that you took the time to watch two keynote talks, and pleased to learn that you are going to major in POLS. I also hope that you will get involved in the Model UN and Model Arab League programs. The head work will be worth the effort!!

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