Reflection on Digital Narrative Games

I was really excited to play these games and I didn’t feel that it was an assignment that has to be done. In other words, it wasn’t a burden that I was worried not to get it done on time. I liked the idea of these games when we tried them in class. After playing all five games, the first one was my absolute favorite. I liked handling the financial life of a homeless man and I liked the fact that people can compromise if they are put in the situation where they have to make fatal decisions.

The two games that I chose, were the one called Bury me, my Love, which talks about Syria, and the other one was called Sleep-deprived Mom Game, which is a game that is designed to make you in the place of a mom that sacrifices hours of sleep every day to do some basic tasks. I personally loved both, but I preferred the second one. The first one had a very nice meaning behind it and made me feel as if I really was in Syria and rescuing people like the character did. What I didn’t like in that game was that its format bored me in the middle. I am not a person who likes to read somebody else’s texts; maybe that’s why I got bored. Aside from this flaw, the game was very good. I almost cried at the end when I knew that she almost lost all of her family. The second game was really good, too. I’ve always heard moms complaining of sleep deprivation, but I honestly never tried standing in their shoes. If motherhood is always like that, I don’t think I would make a good mom in the future… I loved how simple the game was, yet achieved its goal. I also really liked how at the very end of the game, some sort of feedback is given. I also liked the length of the game; it was short, yet beneficial and detailed. I think the game would’ve been better if some animations, pictures, videos, etc. were added.

For the third game that I chose on my own, I chose one of the student-made twine projects by Keegan’s students. I don’t really remember what the exact name of the game was, but the game was talking about people who you meet o daily basis. I had fun playing the game, but I didn’t get the point of it in the very end. I didn’t learn much new stuff, the only thing that I learned was that sometimes simple relationships can turn into serious, long-term ones, which is off-topic… I think if the game was designed to teach the player something or have a specific goal, it would’ve been way much better.

I think all five games were different and each one had its own goal. I generally like anything that I do in my free time to be beneficial in a sense or addresses a certain cause, and this was what I liked most about most of the games like the games that talked about Syrians and how they feel in war, the game that impersonates a sleep-deprived mom, and the game that talks about the homeless person who has to make decisions that will shape his and his son’s life for several months ahead.


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