Digital Narrative Game Prototype

Getting straight to the point… I want to create my digital narrative game to be something that can cause people to change how they perceive the issue of child marriage and to show people how this issue is really present around us. I always like reading about human rights and about 5 years ago, I read this book called “I Am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced”. The title shocked me, honestly. It was a small autobiography by a 12-year-old who showed how child marriage affected her and ruined her life. This was when I thought I had to take a step forward and continue researching on this topic, hoping that one day, I can be positive and take part in ending this vicious act.

What I have in mind about the form of the game is that the player would be put in the situation of a little girl, who was never educated and didn’t even hit puberty yet, and see how her daily life looks like. I would show how these girls literally are deprived of nearly, if not all, of their rights and how they are lost between being adults and being little kids (having a kid’s mind, but adult’s obligations). I would also love to demonstrate how this act doesn’t only affect one generation, but it affects many others in the future. Finally, I will present how these little children are helpless and rarely speak up.

I really wish that this game won’t bore people, I’ll try making it brief and at the same time thorough. I don’t think I’ll be able to add some humor or jokes in this game, as it is not applicable to the topic, but I’ll definitely make it amusing!


3 thoughts on “Digital Narrative Game Prototype

  1. Love the inspiration of the game, and I can understand it won’t be humorous. I think it’s important to do as you suggest: show how girls in that situation have very few viable choices. I don’t know if there’s hope for them at all that can be infused somewhere near the end in a realistic way. I mean, the book you’re referring to… Does that one entail she eventually had enough freedom to share her story? Where would you have access to learn more about the topic?

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  2. Hi Nayera ! My name is Vanessa. I am a student at Kean University in Union, New Jersey USA in Netnarr. While scrolling the different kind of games that you and other students have been planning on doing, the title, ” Child Marriage” caught my mind instantly. This game has potential to be a worldwide hit! It speaks the truth and it would give lots of people an insight on how insane child marriage is to begin with. I myself is against it in a every way and by you making like this, it would attack the problem to the point where it would be nonexistent. Good luck and hope to play it soon!

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