Flipping the Script Reflection and Example

I heard this podcast while doing some work that had to be done emergently, but I really loved it! It showed me how words and actions are so powerful and that sometimes people can get manipulated by others so easily. It also showed me how people can be so dangerous when in the first place they’re not; only the circumstances that they were put in changed them and made them act that way.

I was trying to get a catchy example, but I couldn’t unfortunately… What popped up in my mind was how my parents treated my siblings and me since we were kids. I can observe this right now because I have a younger brother who is a troublemaker and I see how he gets affected by how my parents express their opinions on him or the way they talk to him. To make it clearer and simpler, as a teenager, my younger brother doesn’t accept any kind of blame and thinks that he’s always rights, which is apparently incorrect. When he does something wrong and my parents decide to punish him, they have to talk to him in a certain way to make him feel that he is wrong but at the same time not targeted or not bullied. I hope this makes any sense.. haha.

Also, the same thing happens in school sometimes the way teachers talk to students really affect their performance and behavior. For instance, if a student is not academically perfect, the teacher has the power to show him that he or she is capable of doing better without hurting him and by encouraging him to do better, but at the same time and by a little bit of change in words, the teacher can ruin the kid’s self-esteem and confidence and cause him to fail.

This really made me think that our psychology and personality is a really complicated thing, but can simply be affected by the slightest of changes.

Link to the Podcast: https://www.npr.org/programs/invisibilia/485603559/flip-the-script



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