SDGs and Citizenship

One of the things that really interest me and push me to read more and more in the field that I love the most, which is human rights, is the United Nation’s actions towards people in general. I already know what the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are and I think that they are really important and people should put them in consideration. In my opinion, all seventeen goals are as important as one another. I mean these goals have to be met in order to get a country to flourish and develop. Identifying only three of them as the most important is a very difficult task that I certainly cannot do. For instance, many people would think that abolishing hunger, having clean water, and having a shelter are the three most important goals, but in my opinion, these goals alone won’t lead to development. They would definitely lead to the survival of a nation, but it will stay as it is. I believe that education, equality, good health and well-being, equal consumption and production, and environmental actions are very important factors that should never be disregarded.

Citizenship in my opinion is not a word that should be taken literally, instead, it should be felt by a person. All around us, we see people who have several nationalities and are declared as citizens in several countries, but feeling citizenship takes way much more than living in a country or holding a passport with a country’s name. I believe that everyone has a sense of citizenship since the day that they were born. A person feels as a citizen of a country when s/he feels that s/he is a part of it, when s/he feels safe and comfortable in it, when s/he knows that no matter what the country’s economic or social status is, s/he won’t be able to think of replacing it with another country. Citizenship saves a place in your heart for your country no matter how bad it may seem.


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